Chapel Hill's Virtual PlantPure Pod Potluck

What you EAT makes an impact!

Join us for our next Chapel Hill PlantPure Pod's Virtual Potluck.

We are changing things up and have gone online for our monthly PlantPure Pod Potluck! We'll use our time together to get to know each other better. Some months we'll have a guest speaker, do a food demo, or watch a documentary, movie, or short video clip. There's always an open discussion and Q&A too!

Anyone that joins us LIVE will have a chance to share what's been going on for them, in addition to what they're eating for dinner! Register so, if nothing else, you can catch the replay and join in on the comments.

We may even debunk what you think "eating healthy" means while helping you have fun in the process!

People From Around the World Believe - You Are What You EAT! Do You?

Through food, we are creating a community that helps support others build a life filled with:

- An abundance of energy!
- A positive spirit and outlook others appreciate!
- A chance to support health in your family and community!
- And someone who looks at their food and says, “Darn, this tastes good!”

We have been hosting events monthly since 2016. People from all over gather to eat a delicious, vegan, whole food oil-free meal in a family-style atmosphere with us. Lately, the atmosphere has been online through Zoom, and we're still having a great experience and connection.

These 'Potluck's w/a Purpose' are hosted by Elizabeth Fiorentino Williams, Founder of Naturally Complete of NC (#NCofNC), and Deanna Smith, Founder of Triangle Of Light Healing Center (#TOLHC).

Please prepare for yourself, and share with the group your PlantPure, Oil-Free recipe the night of the event. (Suggestions provided in the confirmation email.)

Hosted by:

The Fiorentino Sisters

What is our MOTIVATION?

We are motivated to share the TRUTH about food, as far too many people are suffering as a result of being misled. As we've learned more, we've done more!

This lifestyle may help if...
you have no energy for your children.
you are not able to pursue your hobbies.
you are taking prescription medication possibly because of your poor habits.
you are under more stress than ever before, especially now.
you are battling with self-image.
you are overweight or obese.
you are simply NOT healthy and feeling vibrant!

There is no reason you should suffer, and it is NOT okay to settle for mediocre health. Join us and help others by inviting them to this event too.

Everyone is welcome at our table for Chapel Hill's Virtual PlantPure Pod Potluck because What you EAT makes an impact!

We Can’t Wait to See You on Sunday, March 21st at 5:00 pm EDT!