CBD vs Copaiba

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These days you can’t turn around without bumping into someone who is taking or talking about CBD. It’s sold everywhere and is touted as a cure-all for everything from anxiety to pet pain relief. But how much do you really know about it?

Is CBD oil safe? Are the health claims true? Is it legal?

Get the answers to all your questions and learn about an essential oil alternative, Copaiba, during CBD vs Copaiba! On Thursday, October 17th, I’ll be opening up discussion about the use of CBD oil and shedding light on some questions we all should be asking. I’ll also reveal what Copaiba oil is and how it’s similar to CBD.

Meet Elizabeth Fiorentino Williams, The Facilitator of CBD vs Copaiba

I (Elizabeth) was born in NJ and lived in NY before moving to NC as a 2nd grader. I played sports, was an average student and loved spending time with my family and friends. My Mom got sick when I was a senior in HS and passed away before I was a sophomore in college, she had cancer. Before I turned 30 my sister was diagnosed with cancer, two kinds and had to have surgery; thankfully she’s doing great now. But because of these and other family health challenges, I started researching, looking for anything that might help. I just knew there had to be a better way.

By this point, I was already involved more in health and nutrition so I when I found green smoothies it was a natural fit. That lead me to essential oils and the rest, as they say, is history. While growing up my Dad always told us to "listen to our body", but honestly, I never really understood what that meant, until now.

Now, with the help of my team at Naturally Complete of NC, we enjoy teaching others what we learn about health, wellness, and natural solutions.

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A Better Alternative!

During CBD vs Copaiba, we’ll review the current facts regarding CBD oil. We’ll take a look at the research, health claims, and product purity. I’ll provide a comparison of CBD oil to Copaiba essential oil. We’ll also discuss how each oil works in the body and how to determine which product is right for you.

Whether you’re currently taking CBD oil, know someone who swears by it, or you’re curious to learn more, this is the perfect webinar for you as I’ll be discussing how and why to use doTERRA Copaiba essential oil as an alternative to CBD.

Essential oil use is backed by centuries. Join me to learn more about the process of essential oil extraction as well as the benefits of using doTERRA Copaiba Essential Oil.

I Can’t Wait to Share with You on Thursday, October 17th at 7:00 pm EDT!